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Creating human connections in the world of cuisine

About BRIKA​

Our company draws its inspiration from the evolution of the culinary landscape, always looking towards the future.

Our journey is the continuation of a legacy rooted in over 50 years of deep expertise in the commercial kitchen industry, providing a solid foundation for our brand.

At Brika, we embrace a “human-to-human” approach in our business model. Our unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience, from the first interaction to every step of the journey, remains steadfast.

Our brand is supported by a diverse and experienced team from different backgrounds, each having gained firsthand knowledge to cater to your unique needs.

Restaurant Kitchen with Commercial Cooking Equipment

Why choose Brika?

Human to Human Relationships

We value human relationships and are committed to providing personalized service because we understand that each business has unique needs.

Culinary experts

Our representatives are kitchen experts. They understand the specific needs of your establishment and can advise you on the equipment best suited to your kitchen and menu.

Customer-focused service

Your satisfaction is our company's top priority. Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions, solve your problems, and ensure that you find the perfect equipment.

Delivery available across Canada

Our delivers our equipment to all regions of Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, to meet the needs of your establishment, wherever you are.

High quality and durability

We take pride in delivering high-quality equipment that meets the industry's strictest standards. Our commitment to sustainability means you can rely on the reliability of our products.

Wide range of products

Whether you need equipment for a café, a gourmet restaurant, or a retail chain, we offer a wide selection of options to meet all your needs.

Manufactured in Italy, where innovation meets tradition.

Our most innovative products not only symbolize the evolution of kitchen equipment but also embody the excellence of Italian culinary tradition. Manufactured in Italy, the cradle of refined gastronomy, our combi ovens blend cutting-edge technology with the centuries-old heritage of Italian cuisine, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience for our customers.

Our retailers
across Canada

Brika kitchen equipment is available through retailers in Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan), Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes (New Brunswick and Nova Scotia), and can be delivered anywhere in Canada.

For more information, please contact one of our representatives.

Brika Commercial Cooking Equipment retailers map

Our representatives, kitchen experts

Our company includes a team of professionals with real-world experience in commercial kitchens who will be delighted to assist you in finding the best equipment for your project.

Brika Commercial Cooking Equipment representative Richard Albert

Richard Albert

Estern Canada

Brika Commercial Cooking Equipment representative Pascal St-Cyr

Pascal St-Cyr

Estern Canada

Brika Commercial Cooking Equipment representative David Berezan

David Berezan

Western Canada

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