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Bistrot 16T (16 trays) Vision

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Discover the Brika Bistrot combi oven for commercial kitchens. Ideal for restaurants and other food establishments for a variety of culinary preparations.

  • 11 pre-recorded languages
  • Up to 10 cooking phases
  • Preloaded recipe book and online + USB port for custom programs
  • 7″ touchscreen display
  • Automatic cooking control: Automatic preheating and delayed start programming
  • Manual mode option + manual steam injection
  • Multi-timer function for multiple and mixed cookings
  • Fan inversion, speed control, and motor stop
  • 5 Fan speeds and semi-static cooking
  • Blue LED indicator

Additional accessories:

BakePOINT: Core probe

BakeDRY: Automatic chimney opening

BakeSTEAM: Steam control in %

BakeCLEAN: Automatic cleaning system

9 cooking modes

  • Convection
  • Steam
  • Convection + Steam
  • Convection + Dry heat
  • Core probe
  • Delta cooking
  • Multi-level cooking
  • Sous-vide (optional)
  • Pasteurization (optional)