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6 Burner Gas Range

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The 6-burner commercial gas stove distinguishes itself with its stainless steel tubes, ensuring increased durability. Its stainless steel exterior, including a front panel, sides, kick plate, backsplash, and shelf, offers exceptional elegance and resistance. The removable cast iron grates make cleaning easy, while the spacious oven, with a temperature range from 175°F to 500°F, allows for versatile cooking. The generous dimensions of the oven (26” x 26” x 15”) and the two chrome-plated racks with four position guides provide optimal flexibility. This stove, suitable for lengthwise and widthwise cooktops, meets the varied needs of a commercial kitchen, combining robustness and advanced functionality.

Here are the features of Brika’s commercial gas ranges:

  • Stainless steel tubes for burners and pilot light
  • Stainless steel exterior, including front panel, sides, kick plate, backsplash, and shelf
  • Removable extra-sturdy 12” x 12” cast iron grates
  • Oven temperature ranging from 175°F to 500°F
  • Oven Size: 26” x 26” x 15”
  • Two (2) chrome-plated oven racks per oven, with 4 position guides
  • Accommodates cooktops both lengthwise and widthwise

Here are the technical specifications for Brika’s commercial gas ranges:

External Dimensions

  • Width: 36″
  • Depth: 311/2
  • Height: 56″


Internal Dimensions

  • Width: 26″
  • Depth: 25″
  • Height: 15″



  • Packaging Dimensions: 38″ x 364/5″ x 381/8″
  • Net Weight: 268 lbs.
  • Gross Weight: 336 lbs.


Other Details

  • Cooking Area: 36″ x 24″
  • Number of Chrome-Plated Grates: 2
  • Number of Position Guides: 4
  •  Burners:
    • LPG/NG: 1 x 30,000 BTU/H (oven)
    • LPG: 6 x 30,000 BTU/H (burners)
    • NG: 6 x 33,000 BTU/H (burners)
    • Total LPG: 215K
    • Total NG: 233K
  • Burner Type: Stainless steel tubes
  • Fuel Type: Propane